Metal Allegiance Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty

Metal Allegiance Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty – review

Just as the next music fan, I’m always a bit skeptical about the so-called “supergroups”. I mean, how many times has this formula been tried before ? Get famous musicians together, form a new group […]

Travel Guitar by the Ocean

The ultimate mobile guitar setup

I’m not a professional guitar player, but I do play with a band occasionally. For short trips to rehearsals and gigs, my home setup is fine: guitar, cables, accessories and my Helix Floor with its […]

Rupert Neve DI

Review: Rupert Neve DI

DI or not DI, that is the question… I’ve debated that for a while (mostly with myself), but the reality is that if you want to do home recording of Guitars directly into the audio […]

Apogee Jam

Review: Guitar interfaces for iPad/iPhone

An introduction to guitar interfaces for iPad/iPhone We are more mobile than ever in human history, and aspiring musicians are no exception – since minestrels took their acoustic guitars on the road. Over the past […]

Gibson SG Standard

Travelling Overseas with a Gibson SG

Should SG stay or should SG go… That is the question. Well in my case, as soon as I booked my 5+ week vacation in Brazil (to visit family and friends), I asked myself if […]

Happy Easter everyone

What a great day for (chocolate fuelled) playing, recording and mixing !! Cheers, Audiogeek11

Ibanez JS

The quest for the perfect Guitar Tone

We all know (or should know) that what makes those legendary players so special is – aham – the player ! As I read recently, Eric Clapton playing your guitar will still sound like Eric […]