Audio Engineering Services for the Digital Age


Online Technical Support for your Home Studio

Recommendation and setup
Installing and configuring gear
Resolving technical issues
Configuring online services

Recording Studio, Livestream, Music Educator or DIY Musician

Your studio works. You make music.

Audio Engineering Services for your Sound Recordings

Restoration and repair
Reducing background noise and other issues
Adding effects, mixing and mastering

Podcast, Voice-Over, Audio for Video, Music or Sound FX

Your audio sounds great. You create content.

  • After working with Fabio, I am really scratching my head about why I waited so long to ask for help. Setting up my home studio was so baffling… I wasted hours watching YouTube videos and scrambling my head with all of the various moving parts. When I finally decided to ask for help, and Fabio was ... Read More
  • Great guy! Very helpful. Takes you through whatever is needed to help you get the job done. Patient and kind.
  • Fabio is very helpful and very knowledgeable. He was able to answer a number of questions our band had about using Jamulus to play virtually and what is the best way to configure our gear. Thanks Fabio!!
  • Fabio - knows what he is doing and has been so helpful... Because of that I could trust him which is so rare in the music biz.... THANKS for all the help 🙂
  • Excellent consulting from Fabio. Getting remote jamming, remote performing (music), all that set up, thanks to Fabio's expertise and patience. Thank you!

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Home studio support session via Zoom.
Editing, Mixing and Mastering done remotely.
Also available on AirGigs.

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