What we provide

Consulting and technical services for the excellence of audio. Where Audio Sounds Like Music“.

Product Development

  • Agile product development process;
  • Metrics and continuous improvement;
  • Technical project management and assurance;
  • Systems engineering and architecture;
  • Procurement and BOM management;
  • Software engineering and debugging;
  • Introduction to Manufacture;
  • Make it the right way!

Audio Engineering

  • Digital Signal Processing;
  • Algorithm development and validation;
  • Editing, restoration and repair;
  • Encoding and decoding;
  • Recording and mixing;
  • Re-amping and effects;
  • Measuring;
  • Analysing and testing;
  • Make it sound right!

Technical Writing

  • Specifications;
  • Test plans;
  • Design documentation;
  • User and service manuals;
  • Reviews;
  • Tutorials;
  • Written customer support;
  • Write about it!