As an engineer who is passionate for audio and video entertainment, I’ve always been fascinated by gear – probably why I became an engineer.

Be it for performing, recording or enjoying content, gear is necessary. But all the technical jargon can be quite overwhelming. On top of that, there are several companies fighting for the same space in the marketplace.

What to buy and how to set it all up ? If you are an artist or musician your focus should be your art. The gear is the engineer’s job, right ? But many of us do our recordings it at home by ourselves. We go live playing with friends and family.

The reason I’ve started this blog is to assist all of us entrepreneurs of audio and video entertainment in their quests to make the best of their technical gear and therefore focus in unleashing their full artistic talent.

I will be publishing articles regularly.

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Posted by audiogeek11

Audio Engineer with a passion for music and technical writing

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