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Streaming versus stock music, which one is right for you ?

In this video I will be discussing two main paths you can take, which are creating royalty-free stock music, or creating music...

What is a Home Studio anyway ?

In this video I will be discussing the multiple setups you can have for a home studio, including music, podcasts, videos, livestreams...
Mooer GE250 Front

Review: Mooer GE250

Blue Cat Axiom

Review: Blue Cat Axiom

Apogee Jam Plus

Apogee Jam Plus Review

International Hifi Show Melbourne

2018 International HiFi show

Line 6 Helix Signal Flow

Line 6 Helix Tones

Line 6 Helix Routing Options

Helix DI or Rupert Neve DI

Rupert Neve DI

Review: Rupert Neve DI

Orange Amplifier and Gibson SG

The Journey Begins