Audio Engineering Services

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2019)


We come from an engineering background and we love audio. We would love to assist you and drive your audio engineering development to success. The world of Audio is moving fast towards a software driven universe and here is where we would like to help you:

  • Testing the apps and plugins you are developing;
  • Giving you insights about their performance and helping you to map out what needs fixing before it goes to market;
  • Helping with bug and issue tracking using JIRA or equivalent tools;
  • Publishing reviews to help your users and to make your life easier.

Our experience stems from:

  • Audio Engineering and product development, including physical devices, apps and plugins;
  • Software development for embedded systems, particularly for the consumer electronics industry.

The typical areas covered and tools-of-the trade are:

  • Pro-Tools and Logic Pro X DAW and plugins (AU, VST, AAX);
  • iOS devices for apps;
  • Professional audio set-up based on iMac,  RME Babyface Pro and Yamaha monitors;
  • Various activity monitors and tools to measure performance;
  • Matlab used for audio analysis as needed;
  • Python used for test automation as needed.

The approach

Our strategy is to adapt our process to your needs for the job and task at hand. We truly believe in being adaptive and reacting to the needs of the market.

No tool or process is sacred. They were all developed to meet the engineering needs of clients, not the other way around.

So our main goal is to listen to understand what you are willing to achieve. Keep our eyes and ears open for possible changes. Adapt and react quickly, and deliver results which can drive success.

To know more

Please reach us at to discuss your project further and to see how we can work together.



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