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Anytune for Mac

Avoiding Sound Clash When Practicing Guitar

Enjoy music not sound clash In this article we will cover techniques to avoid guitar sound clash when practicing. Like many musicians, I practice a lot with tabs and then later move on to play […]

Recording Console

Studio Life: Cake Music Studios São Paulo

Introduction In a busy neighbourhood in São Paulo, Brazil you will find a musical haven by the name of Cake Music Studios. Run by experienced musician and producer Edu Gomes, this studio has it all: […]

Apogee Jam Plus

Apogee Jam Plus Review

The Apogee Jam Plus has been launched. It’s hard to match Apogee when it comes to quality audio interfaces for DAW or portable devices like iPhones and iPads. Their approach to design renders low noise […]

International Hifi Show Melbourne

2018 International HiFi show

Welcome to the show… This year Melbourne once again hosted the international HiFi show, an event targeted at the high-end audio and video consumer seeking to learn about the latest advances in technology. Australian HiFi […]

Guitar Picks

Guitar picks: take your pick

Introduction to Guitar Picks My experience with guitar picks (or ‘plectrum’) as a beginner was quite interesting. First I didn’t read much about picks at all, I was focused on the learning which at the […]

Line 6 HX Stomp

Compact Amp Modeller with Effects for Guitar: HX Stomp and Gigboard

The battle rages on… We are entering the era of the compact amp modeller. Not log ago I’ve covered the myriad of multi effects and amplifier modelling pedalboards out there, an area of guitar and […]

Mac OS Mojave

Mac OS 10.14 Mojave – Read before you upgrade

Like everyone one else on the planet who uses Apple technology on their DAW, I’m quite excited and anxious to move to the Mac OS 10.14 Mojave as soon as possible – it was announced […]

Line 6 Helix

The battle of the guitar multi effects and amp modellers

Amplifier modellers and multi-effects intro These days guitar multi-effects and amp modellers are everywhere in the guitar world. I grew up watching amateur DIY bands playing live. Their guitar players had stacks of analog pedals […]

Line 6 Helix Signal Flow

Line 6 Helix Tones

Talk about tone obsession So I’ve pulled the trigger. After trying many entry level multi effects for guitar, and even trying to assemble a pedalboard with individual pedals – let’s be honest, something cool about […]

Travel Guitar by the Ocean

The ultimate mobile guitar setup

Going mobile I’m not a professional guitar player, but I do play with a band occasionally. For short trips to rehearsals and gigs, my home setup is fine: guitar, cables, accessories and my Helix Floor […]