Episode 1: The journey of learning guitar in your 40s

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2019)


Learning guitar is only possible at a young age ?

Do you want to learn guitar to make music and have fun but think you’re past the young age ?

Can’t do it anymore, right ? Wrong.

I switched from drums to guitar at the age of 40.

I’m no guitar teacher, but  I am an engineer who loves music and an engineering approach to learning. 

In this episode I will talk about the methods I used, the mistakes I made, and what are the top aspects of learning guitar when you are a little bit older.

I will discuss how technology can help, and when it is too much.

The information here I believe is valid for any age.


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This episode has five topic after the intro:

  • Topic 1: The motivation and the mindset. How to get out of the dreaming state and into the learning state;
  • Topic 2: The setup, how to get the proper instrument and equipment;
  • Topic 3: Structure, how to find a learning method that works for you;
  • Topic 4: Practice routine, how to separate some time and organise a routine that keeps you progressing;
  • Topic 5: Spread your wings, join bands, record yourself and go live your musical dreams.

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