Episode 23: Jamulus, your gateway to online music jams

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2020)


Jamulus was the winner when I looked at options to jam music online.

This week we will cover Jamulus in more detail.

We will go over installation, configuration and general usage.

We will also discuss a few issues and solutions that can help.

I’ve been experimenting with these services for a few weeks now – and they’ve been growing in popularity for obvious reasons !

Maybe once this is all over we will find out virtual bandmates everywhere. 

The revolution is only starting.


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This episode has the following structure:

  • Contact info
  • How you can support
  • Reviews, please !
  • Jamulus
    • Configuration
    • Settings
    • Joining a session
    • Running a public server
    • Running a private server

Jamming music online is a bit of a challenge due to technological limitations. But as I found out, it’s not impossible. 

This will depend largely on your location, the equipment at your disposal and Internet conditions. 

I was able to do it and I would be happy to help you and your band if you want to do the same. 

Music cannot stop. The show must go on. 

The time is now, let’s make it happen!

Jamming doesn’t work in your case ?

That’s ok, we can organise tracks and assemble recordings of you and your mates playing together.

There are many ways to keep the music alive and the creative juices flowing.

Additional Resources

Jamulus configuration article.

Download Jamulus from here.

My YouTube tutorials on Jamulus.

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