Episode 24: Eastern Suburbs School of Music

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2020)


The challenge is here. With social distancing, music schools have to adapt to a new situation.

We’ll introduce the topic briefly then interview Rhys Lett, director of the Eastern Suburbs School of Music, with several locations around Melbourne.

We will discuss the history of the school and how was the transition to remote lessons.

Also, let’s ask about the advantage of teachers over YouTube videos and apps…

This is a path you can follow anywhere in the world – many schools have adapted and offer a mix of online and face-to-face lessons.

A lot of the study materials is digital and can be utilised remotely.

If you feel aimless with online apps, lessons or YouTube, maybe this is something you should consider.


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This episode has the following structure:

  • Contact info
  • How you can support
  • Reviews, please !
  • News
  • Eastern Suburbs School of Music: Interview with director Rhys Lett

His school adapted quickly to the social distancing times.

During the interview we go through the history of the school, their approach, and how they’ve adapted.

His passion for music and music education is very clear.

Their success is based on an adaptive framework designed to achieve the student’s goals.

Not everyone wants to be a professional musician. Some just want to have fun.

They can help you achieve that.

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