Episode 25: Boost your online jams with these tips

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2020)


Online jams are happening !

Have you been using Jamulus, Jammr, JamKazam or similar to jam online ?

Did you know it’s possible to route audio from your DAW or other apps like Amplitube to your session ?

You can also broadcast the stream to facebook live and other livestream services

In this episiode I will tell you how.


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This episode has the following structure:

  • Contact info
  • How you can support
  • Reviews, please
  • News
  • Boost your online jams


Some users approached me with issues on Windows machines.

As a general rule, the issue was that some older interfaces – like a first generation Focusrite scarlett – were not showing on the Jamulus audio interface drop down.

The solution was:

  • Downloading the ASIO4ALL driver
  • Starting Jamulus
  • Going to the system tray and opening ASIO4ALL icon
  • Configuring it to point to the proper audio interface
  • If that doesn’t work, at least trying with the internal sound card from the computer

Using UA Apollo and Logic Pro X

For this configuration I’ve prepared a video on YouTube:

Using Reaper ReaRoute

I found about this possibility on this amazing video.

I believe it’s not on YouTube so you will have to join this facebook group to watch.

The presenter shows even how to broadcast using OBS at the end of the video:

Using Jamulus with Reaper, ReaRoute, Zoom, OBS and Facebook Live

Using Loopback or similar

Another alternative to the above is to use Loopback by Rogue Amoeba.

Route the audio from your favourite app like Amplitube into the jam session.

The snapshots below were mentioned in the episode.

Basically you can also use this to route the Jamulus session back to OBS project and then out to facebook live, for example.

Loopback config
Loopback config
Bias FX config
Bias FX config
Jamulus config
Jamulus config

Other software that may be able to do the same job as Loopback:


ReaRoute – as per the Reaper video mentioned above


Virtual Audio Cable

Additional Resources

Jamulus configuration article.

Facebook: Jamulus (official group)

Facebook: Jamulus Online Musicians/Singers Jamming

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