Episode 5: Music theory for guitar, simple and effective

(Last Updated On: December 2, 2019)


Music theory – sounds scary doesn’t it?  

In this episode I will discuss why it’s important to learn even if music is just a hobby.

I will also tell you how I learned it on guitar and how that can work for you.

We will talk about specific methods, books and teachers who make it practical and simple. 


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This episode has the following structure:

  • Contact info
  • How you can support
  • Updates and news
  • Music Theory for Guitarists
  • Fretboard Logic
  • Fretboard Theory
  • Vaideology

The objective is to give you an idea of what these particular books and methods bring to the table so you can select which ones you will utilise in your musical journey.

I’ve personally used them during my journey learning the guitar. There are pros and cons on each one of them, but ultimately Fretboard Theory is the one that did it for me.

While I don’t think we’ll ever have time to learn all theory and read all the books on the topic, I want us to find together the ones that work so we can reach the ultimate goal: have fun playing music. As usual if you have others to recommend, please reach out and let’s explore other possibilities.

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