Episode 30: Machine Learning to make Music

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2020)


Machine Learning and music – a viable solution ?

“Featuring an interview with Stephen Phillips from Popgun Labs”

We continue on our quest to bring to you the cutting edge in technology applied to music.

Popgun Labs approach is to use AI and Machine Learning to create tools that play with you and fuel your creativity.

In this episode and interview it becomes very clear that:

  • The approach is to assist people in their learning, not replace them.
  • Coding the rules of music has been done before in plugin and apps. This is different, here the machine actually learned to play music by listening, it was not given the book of rules.

If you want to understand this subject it is a great starting point


Listen to “Episode 30: Machine Learning to make Music” on Spreaker.


This episode has the following structure:

  • Contact info
  • How you can support
  • Introduction
  • Interview with Popgun Labs

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