Episode 29: Music Meets Machine Learning

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2020)


Machine Learning and music – a viable solution ?

“Featuring an interview with Dr. Guillaume Potard from Lofty Consulting”

Music composition, classification and monetisation.

Speech recognition and synthesis. 

Even your email spam filter and social media news feed.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a growing field with no end in sight.

This week we discuss the topic and then air this special interview.


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This episode has the following structure:

  • Contact info
  • How you can support
  • Reviews
  • Machine Learning discussion
  • Interview with Lofty Consulting

The simplest and more common example of this technology is your email spam filter.

It learns every time you tell it if a certain email is spam or not.

A more complex daily example is the news feed on your favourite social media – did you ever notice how that adapts to the posts you tend to watch and engage with ?

And that every time you search for a product you want to buy you then start getting all sorts of related ads in your feed ?

On the audio field, a common application is speech synthesis – generating speech that was not recorded by a human, but rather generated by a machine that reads text and mimics the human voice – spooky !

Several audio plugins used in the field of post production, restoration and repair also use a type of learning. Background noise is a common example – show the plugin what ‘noise’ sounds like, it will learn from that and earmark it for removal in other parts of the audio file.

In music, the most common example is services like Spotify or Pandora, where recommendation engines use this technology to select and present songs you may like based on your historical data. Yep, Netflix does that too.

Companies like Popgun Labs and Landr are also using this to master songs online, or even generate music that was not created by humans…

Yep, and just recently a company called Endel was signed by a major label to release albums for them. These albums – guess what – are not played recorded by humans…

Their systems creates personalised, sound-based, adaptive environments that help people focus and relax.

This week we summarise the topic and discuss it with Lofty Consulting, one of the leading design houses in the field.

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