Our Services


These are the services we provide, and a summary of our expertise and the tools we typically utilise

Product Development

  • Agile product development process with metrics and continuous improvement;
  • Data science applied to product development;
  • Technical project management and assurance;
  • Systems engineering;
  • Systems architecture;
  • Procurement and BOM management;
  • Software engineering and debugging;
  • Introduction to Manufacture.

Audio Engineering

  • Digital Signal Processing;
  • Algorithm development and validation;
  • Editing;
  • Restoration and repair;
  • Encoding and decoding;
  • Recording;
  • Mixing;
  • Re-Amping and effects;
  • Measuring;
  • Analyzing;
  • Testing;
  • Assisting with issues and troubleshooting.

Technical Writing

  • Specifications;
  • Test plans;
  • Design documentation;
  • User and service manuals;
  • Reviews and tutorials – check our blog;
  • Assisting with issues and written customer support.

Industries and devices covered

  • Professional Audio
    • Garage Band, Logic Pro X or Pro Tools DAW and plugins;
    • Audio interfaces and associated gear;
    • Audio and music apps for iOS devices;
    • Stand-alone music and audio software for MacOS;
    • Digital music instruments;
    • Guitar gear such as amp modelers and multi-effects devices.
  • Creative Digital Media
    • Voice-overs, podcasts, personal audio files or audio over video;
    • Music, Sound, Voice, Dialogue or Speech;
    • Cloud-based digital music and video distribution.
  • Consumer Electronics
    • Stereos, speakers and home theatre;
    • Audio and video monitors and recorders;
    • LCD and OLED TVs;
    • Digital Set-top Boxes;
    • Headphones.
  • Telecommunications
    • Headsets;
    • Softphones;
    • Acoustic safety devices;
    • Speech.

Typical tools and resources

  • Audio laboratory equipped for testing, measuring, recording, editing, mixing, encoding, decoding and processing audio media in the most common formats in the market;
  • Product development workflows are based on MS Project, JIRA, Confluence or similar tools as required;
  • Business intelligence based on tools such as EazyBI for JIRA or PowerBI;
  • Audio Engineering tools include Audacity, SoundForge, Izotope RX, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, DAW Plugins and Matlab;
  • Technical writing tools include MS Word and WordPress;
  • Working knowledge of C, C++, Swift, Matlab, MySQL and Python programming languages and associated toolchains and repositories;
  • Wide network of contacts for referrals or outsourcing if not in our field of expertise.

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