Episode 27: Sample Tank

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2020)


Sample Tank seems to be the king of sample libraries, but is it ?

If you make music at home and don’t have a whole band available all the time, for sure you’ve looked into sample libraries.

From poor synth sounds to advanced orchestras captured by professionals, there are sample libraries for all tastes and budget sizes.

In this episode we will discuss some of them, and in particular Sample Tank from IK Multimedia.

What makes it great ? What are the issues ? What is the best use ?

All that and more


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This episode has the following structure:

  • Contact info
  • How you can support
  • Reviews, please
  • News
  • Sample library discussion
  • Sample Tank


  • Amazing selection of instruments, sounds and samples
  • Full mixer
  • Options of sounds, effects and even blending of instruments
  • You can quantise and humanise the player’s performance directly on Sample Tank 4

Watch out:

  • Quirky installation process
  • On the phraser, no way to define if the phrase is major or minor
  • Offer a bit confusing, as you can turn on more than one library and then it’s hard to know from what library the instrument is
  • Preview sound requires loading
  • Articulation requires loading of a different instrument (with a few exceptions)
  • Print to MIDI – how to do it since it’s an instrument and not a MIDI FX ? You can drag the phrases but not print

Additional Resources

Sample Tank 4 website

Our episode about basic Home Studio setup

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