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Episode 28: Tonal Balance with Sound Theory Gullfoss

Description Tonal balance, one of the most challenging aspects of music production. Mixing engineers professionals sometimes...

Episode 27: Sample Tank

Description Sample Tank seems to be the king of sample libraries, but is it ?

Episode 26: Have guitar will travel

Description Travel guitar, myth or reality. Do you dream about having an all-in-one guitar ?

Episode 25: Boost your online jams with these tips

Description Online jams are happening ! Have you been using Jamulus, Jammr, JamKazam or similar to...

Episode 24: Eastern Suburbs School of Music

Description The challenge is here. With social distancing, music schools have to adapt to a new situation.

Episode 23: Jamulus, your gateway to online music jams

Description Jamulus was the winner when I looked at options to jam music online. This week...

Episode 22: Let’s jam online, the show must go on

Description Jam online - possible or just a myth ? A very popular question at the...

Episode 21: Livestream gear

Description Livestream gear for your online music success. Last week we looked at livestream services.

Episode 20: Livestream for the win

Description Livestream is here to save us in a time where the world is changing rapidly.

Episode 19: Let’s get your music out there now

Description Music distribution services are more popular then ever and can help you become a recording artist on your...
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