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Episode 57: Latency during online Jams

Description Latency and musicians are not best friends…  We know how hard it is to play...

Episode 56: Ukulele fun for everyone

Description Did you know that the ukulele is one of the best selling instruments right now ?

Episode 55: JackTrip, a gateway to online music jams

Description In the past we’ve explored Jamulus as one of the best options for online music jams

Episode 54: GPU Audio

Description Running audio algorithms using your computer’s GPU You have all that processing power available there,...

Episode 53: Tonic Audio Labs

Description Interview with Ethan Clift, CEO of Tonic Audio Labs This interesting start up wants to...

Episode 52: Online music jams and rehearsals

Description In this episode, I will summarise my recent presentation on the topic at the AES Melbourne meeting.

Episode 51: Bopper Music

Description "one that supports artists & composers through a fair, sustainable pricing model." What is behind...

Episode 50: Time for celebration

Description Wow ! 50 episodes ! So glad to be able to bring all this useful information to all...

Episode 49: Easy ways to record yourself

Description During my interview with Desi Serna of the Guitar Music Theory podcast, we briefly discussed the importance of...

Episode 48: New World Audio

Description In this episode we interview Boris Markarian, the audio engineer behind New World Audio studios in Melbourne, Australia 
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