Technical Writing Services

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2019)


Our approach is to convey technical information in a simple language that makes technology accessible and easy to understand. This should allow your customers to have a great experience with your products, and ultimately drive you to success.

Our position is quite unique as we combine writing skills with hands-on product development experience and hardcore user and consumer passion. So we are able to see from both sides of the fence and convey insightful articles that your users will actually read.

Our experience lies in developing online articles covering product reviews, how-tos and techniques used in the professional audio universe.

Langauges supported:

  • English (US, UK, Australia)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

Typical tools used:

  • WordPress or equivalent;
  • Graphical tools and image manipulation tools as needed.

Our approach

Our approach is to tailor our processes to the job at hand according to your needs. In order to develop the work properly we aim to sit with you to understand the following:

    • Strategy and marketing context: why is the writing being done, what are the objectives and what are the target markets;
    • Scope discussions, to define what exactly we are expected to cover and what are the boundaries;
    • Are there examples to be followed or a certain style that is expected? For example some clients prefer pure editorial text while others care more about images, infographics, Q&As and explanatory tables;
  • Who are the expected readership? This will normally dictate the technical depth of the article or writing being undertaken;
  • What are the targeted formats? Printed and online articles and write-ups are sometimes quite different;
  • What inputs exist for the topic, both supplied by the client and which has already been published.

To know more

Please reach us at to discuss your project further and see how we can work together.



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